Can cat kicker toys calm cats during storms?

Cats can be real scaredy-cats when it comes to thunderstorms. Those loud booms and flashy lights freak them out. It’s not cool for cats to feel stressed and anxious, right? But guess what? Cat kicker toys, like the “cat kicker toy” you can’t take apart, might be able to help.


Here’s reasons:

Playtime Distraction

Cat kicker toys are made to grab a cat’s attention and get their hunting instincts going. They’ve got textures, colors, and sounds that cats just can’t resist. So, when a thunderstorm’s shaking things up, toss your kitty one of these toys. It’ll distract them from the scary sounds outside. They’ll start kicking, pouncing, and playing, which is a total mood lifter during a storm.

Exercise for Body and Mind

Storm anxiety can make cats fidgety and stressed. Cat kicker toys give them an outlet for all that pent-up energy. All that kicking and batting is like a mini workout that helps calm their nerves. Plus, the mental workout of stalking, chasing, and pouncing on the toy tires them out, which equals a calmer cat.

Comfort and familiarity

Lots of cats want to feel comfy and secure during thunderstorms. Cat kicker toys can provide that comfort because they’re familiar playthings. Your cat associates them with fun times, which helps them feel safe during the storm. It’s like a security blanket, but in kicker-toy form.

Happy Memories

When you pair the kicker toy with good times, your cat starts thinking of it as a buddy. Use it during calm weather first, and gradually make it part of your cat’s play routine. Your cat will start connecting the toy with positive stuff, which can lessen their fear of thunderstorms over time.

Bonding Time with You

Cat kicker toys are designed for interactive play with their favorite humans (that’s you!). Playing together strengthens your bond. So, when it’s stormy outside, a fun play session with the toy can reassure your cat and make them feel less alone.

Safe stress release

Some cats deal with storm anxiety by getting aggressive or destructive. Cat kicker toys provide a safe outlet for all that frustration. Your cat can bite, scratch, and “attack” the toy without wrecking stuff or hurting anyone.

Now, remember, not every cat’s the same. Some might totally dig these toys, while others might need extra help, like a quiet hiding spot or special calming scents. If you’re not sure, talking to a vet or cat behavior expert can help figure out the best way to chill your cat during storms.


Cat kicker toys can be a real help in calming cats during thunderstorms. They offer distraction, exercise, comfort, and happy vibes that can take the edge off the anxiety. Use them alongside other tricks to keep your kitty cool as a cucumber when the next storm rolls in!