How to Store Your Dog Boat Ramp to Keep It Shipshape?

Storing your dog boat ramp the right way is key to keeping it in tip-top shape. No matter if you’re using it all year round or just during certain seasons, nailing the storage game can help fend off wear and tear.

How to store

Here’s the lowdown on how to do it right:

Give it a once-over

Before you tuck away your dog boat ramp, make sure it’s clean as a whistle. Get rid of any dirt or debris hanging around and scope it out for any damage or worn-out bits like loose screws or cracks. Fix any problems upfront so they don’t go from bad to worse.

Find the Perfect Spot

When it comes to stashing your dog boat ramp, you want a place that’s cool, dry, and has good airflow. Avoid parking it in the blazing sun, places with wild temperature swings, or spots that are super humid. These can make your ramp’s materials go haywire.

Battle the Sun with a Cover

If outdoor storage is your only option, grab a cover or tarp that can take on the sun’s UV rays. UV exposure can make plastics and other materials go brittle and lose their color. Keep an eye on the cover for any wear and tear and swap it out if needed.

Take It Apart (If You Can)

If your dog boat ramp can be taken apart with ease, consider breaking it down before storing it. It’ll save you space and cut down on the risk of parts getting banged up. Keep all the nuts and bolts organized and, if needed, put labels on them.

Keep Things Dry

Moisture is the enemy. It can rust up metal parts and turn other surfaces into a moldy mess. Make sure your storage spot is bone dry and has good airflow. If you can swing it, toss in some moisture-absorbing helpers like desiccant packs to keep humidity in check.

Lift It Up

If your storage area tends to get a bit soggy or sometimes floods, give your ramp a lift using blocks or a raised platform. This way, it won’t be chilling in standing water, which can lead to rust and decay.

Grease the Gears

Got hinges or other moving bits on your dog boat ramp? Show them some love by adding a bit of lubricant. This stops rusting and keeps things running smoothly. Just make sure to pick a lubricant that’s right for your ramp’s materials.

Cover It Up

Even if your ramp is indoors, throwing a breathable cloth or sheet over it is a smart move. It’ll shield it from dust and random junk floating around. Just double-check that the cover is clean and dry.

Check in regularly

Don’t forget to swing by and give your stored dog boat ramp a once-over, even when it’s not in action. Keep an eye out for wear and tear, damage, or any unwanted critter guests. If you spot something amiss, deal with it immediately to keep it from getting worse.

Stick to the Manual

Always flip through the manufacturer’s instructions for the lowdown on proper storage. Different types and brands of dog boat ramps might have their own unique storage needs.


Storing your dog’s boat ramp the right way keeps it in the game for the long haul. Stick to these steps, show it some love during downtime, and it’ll be ready to roll whenever you and your furry firstmate are ready to set sail again.