Keep Up Air Health Standards With Spray Air Disinfection Robot

The quality of air is the paradigm, especially in crowded places. If not maintained, it can contribute to asthma, lung diseases, etc. Also, the cough patients or lungs patients who breathe in the air or cough. They infect the air in the surroundings; anyone can also become ill if taken in.

Therefore, it is essential to keep the air clean as per EPA (environmental protection agency) standards. This is true, especially in factories that produce or deal with health-hazardous chemicals. You can disinfect the air and the entire vicinity with a spray air disinfection robot. Find in detail information on spray air disinfection robots in this short article.

What is a Spray Air Disinfection Robot?

You can refer to a robot that can add to hygiene by spraying the disinfectant solution. It is completely portable and does not stay in a single position. You can control the spray volume, spray location, and time through this innovative device.

Benefits of Spray Air Disinfection Robot

There are many benefits associated with this device. Here we are going to throw light on notable ones:

Extra Disinfectant Storage

The spray air disinfection robot offers you a large disinfectant solution storage tank. It can store up to the 16-liter volume of the solution. This large tank does not add up to the total volume of the disinfection robot. The tank’s unique design takes up less space, and you can carry out long-term disinfection. It offers a capacity of 800 ml/hr. To the 3000 ml/hr. This means that you can continue operating for approximately 6 hours even when operating at full capacity.

Unmatched Portability

The highly efficient wheel design allows it to move anywhere. You don’t need to hold this robot and take yourself to the place which you want to disinfect. You can feed the path inside the robot you want it to follow. It opens up freedom of custom path feed. The wheels are extremely durable and feature higher strength. Even rough usage is not going to affect their life.

Large Screen Size

It offers you a screen using which you can control your robot. The screen comprises 7 inches. Such a large screen helps you understand every single function. You can change the disinfections mode, switch off the operation etc. An option exists to check the current status and view the tasks list. You can assign a new specific task directly from the list. Options exist to change, stop or eliminate the task from the list. This way, you can enjoy complete control.

Visual Map Building

By utilizing the fusion plan featuring 25m lidar. You can experience great navigation. It accurately determines the navigation pace and position. You can assess the position in Realtime and adjust the position remotely. Following this, you can build up a navigation map. It can determine what is in the surroundings. This way, you can build a navigation map from scratch. This feature also helps you monitor the movement path of your spray air disinfection robot.